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What I do?

Hello! I'm Wayne Kenney and I've been coding most of my life. Programming is a life-long passion of mine and it started with Visual Basic 6 when I was fourteen years old. Now I'm fluent with various interpreted languages including JavaScript, PHP, Python (personal favorite) and Ruby.

Academic Experience

I graduated from NCC (Nashua Community College) with a 3.7 GPA back in September of 2017. It was a fantastic journey and I've met some great people.

My favorite project was my Capstone project called "TempLog" which measures the temperature of a Raspberry Pi and organizes the data with various forms of output including graphs and sorted lists. It's a project that required both front-end and back-end implementation. The TempLog panel can be previewed in 'Web Projects'.

Work Experience

I was a developer at 'The Scribbit' in Bedford for about nine months. The position focused on front-end development and involved building websites from a designed mockup, maintaining the websites and keeping the clients satisfied with communication and frequent updates.

I learned a lot from the Scribbit team and I'm thankful to have had the privilege to be part of it.


TempLog is a (Now mobile compatible!) temperature monitoring application for the Raspberry Pi. You can monitor up to three sensors for multiple locations and temperature data can be displayed in real-time, as a list of logged data, or in graph view. You can also convert between celcius/farenhiet and search specific date, time or temperature. Best Raspberry Pi responsive temperature monitoring application available!

Explore TempLog

Color Palette Generator

My Color Generator can help you decide on the best color scheme for your web project. Built with JavaScript and JQuery.

Explore Color Generator


This is a WordPress website I put together from a mockup during my time at The Scribbit. I'm proud of it and I'm very thankful I had the opportunity to build it.

Explore ThunderWorks

Time-Tracker (Polymer JS)

Time-Tracker is a JavaScript application that tracks time. Written in JavaScript using the Polymer 2.0 library. Time-Tracker is comprised of multiple Polymer elements.

View on Github

VisionCube Aimbot

VisionCube is an external aimbot and probably the only aimbot you'll encounter written almost entirely in Python.

VisionCube is powered by Python's pyautogui module. Screenshots are captured rapidly and the RGB values per screenshot are stored in an array to be cycled within a loop containing conditional constructs that react to the specific cham colors. If cham colors are detected then a function is called that calculates the coordinates/position of the color followed by the necessary mouse events that enable auto-aim.

Can be used in any game using DirectX 9 or DirectX 11
EAC bypass required for certain games
VisionCube is currently private

Public Version on GitHub : GunZ 2 Aimbot

Contact me for more Information / Access

TORB IV Backdoor

TORB IV (Twitter Operated Remote Backdoor 4) is an updated version of my TORB (Twitter Operated Remote Backdoor) project.

TORB IV is a backdoor tool, but it listens for Tweets for command execution. The backdoor's output is automatically posted to your aNotepad account. TORB IV is powered by HTTP requests rather than traditional socket module. The method of communication is unlikely to be detected by firewall services.

TORB IV comes with a server builder that compiles to an executable server. Unlike the original 'TORB', TORB IV doesn't use nearly as many modules and uses external scripts that I call RCI modules (Remote Code Integration) and they are hosted somewhere and accessed by the server when it receives the command for integration.

TORB IV has been tested on Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10
Enables access/control of your PC remotely
Not intended for illegal purposes!
TORB IV is currently private

Public Version on GitHub : TORB - TORB II - TORB IV

Check the TORB 4 Tutorial Page
Contact me for more Information


Hello there! My name's Wayne Kenney and I'm a web developer / programmer.


WordPress theme development with the understanding of essential plugins.


  1. WPForms 4
  2. Envira Gallery
  3. Yoast SEO


JQuery development experience for animated / interactive web applications.


  1. JQuery 4
  2. React
  3. AngularJS


CSS 3 experience for modern aesthetics and responsive web applications.


  1. Bootstrap 4
  2. Foundation
  3. Pure

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