Added 'Templates' Section

I've added a new section for sharing and showcasing some my more recent template designs. The first template I've added is called 'Clean-Green' and it's a stylish and responive design. It's also built using the Bootstrap scaffolding framework for structure.

I'll be publishing all of my future designs in this section for sharing and reference. Feel free to download one if you'd like and perhaps use it for a project. These templates are completely responsive and they will work with all resolutions and devices.

Simply click the 'Templates' navigation category above.

Clean-Green Template Design

Added new website feature!

Notice the new navigation item? I've written a randomized hex color generator for color-scheme design purposes. Click the menu button to view the application. Simply refresh the page to generate new color schemes until you find those perfect colors for your new project. I've seen these before and decided to write my own from scratch using HTML5, JavaScript and JQuery. Check out the source code if you'd like to get an understanding of how it works. I used JavaScript for generating the color values and JQuery for altering the DIV backgrounds (color boxes).

Update: Dark and Light shades of each color are now provided for a better selection when choosing your color scheme. More features to be added soon..

Simple interface / easy to use / Useful for Development

OKCupid Love Booster (The Love Bot)

I've created a very fast and efficient way of getting attention on OKCupid. OKCupid uses a notification system that enables users to see who's visiting their profile. When someone visits your profile, you'll receive an alert and it will display who viewed your profile and when they viewed it. I believe this was designed to help the user expose himself more as he/she is actively browsing. Following the principle: The more you search for love, the more likely you'll find it.

Click to enlarge Screenshot

What is it? How does it work?

It's a Love Bot! I wrote a Python script that extracts matches and visits their profiles rapidly, thus enabling you to broadcast yourself on OKCupid. You can visit 60+ profiles a minute and expect to receive a lot of attention. The process is somewhat sophisticated, utilizing Python's Request module and emulating the search routine and refining the search payload's POST data. You'll visit hundreds of profiles in your age group and all you have to do is wait for them to return the favor.

Increase Traffic ( Popularity )

Notice the captured profile image on the right. That's the result of six hours of broadcasting with my OKCupid Love Booster script. Feel free to use it and/or modify it as you please. Now go meet that special someone!

Result: Six hours of broadcasting ( Over 1000 profile views )

Click Here to View Source Code

Death of Christina Grimmie

I woke up to discover some tragic news. Christina Grimmie was shot three times yesterday resulting in her death. I've followed Christina since she joined YouTube six years ago and I watched her grow into a successful vocalist. I've introduced my mother to Christina's music two years ago and she's shocked as well. It's so unfortunate that someone could be murdered simply for being famous. A divine talent lost.

RIP Christina Grimmie..

Click the image to view a video

New Stuff!

Hello coder guys and coder gals. I've re-coded and re-designed my personal website from the ground up. The purpose of this reconstruction was to implement cleaner article composition using CSS. The new included CSS library enables a grid type system for a more organized format and better structure.

Here's the end result! My newest and cleanest product yet and it scales appropriately based on the consideration of resolution, browser and device. New animation features have been included as well. Just hover over one of the social media icons and watch it the jelly effect.