Random Hex Color Generator

Click to View Application - This application will help you build that unique color scheme for your website. Simply refresh the page to generate new colors. This was written completely from scratch with HTML5, Javascript and JQuery. JavaScript used for generating the color values and JQuery was used for altering CSS to change the DIV background colors (color boxes). Feel free to use for developing your next project!

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Click to View Application - I developed this a year ago. This web application provides a visual log for a Raspberry Pi's temperature and illustrates temperature data in a variety of ways on a web interface. Representation styles include current temperature, list log of all previous temperature submissions organized with time and date and the application also generates an organized graph that is savable as a PNG or PDF. Values are presented in fahrenheit by default, but I've included a celsius conversion option and there's a search feature to find desired dates, times and temperatures.

Developed with:

  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • JavaScript & JQuery
  • PHP & SQL
  • Python & C++ open source versions of log server

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Highland Homes

Click to View Website - This is a personal website for a building company. It's simple, yet aesthetically pleasing. This website showcases projects and keeps the company connected with clients. The design is quite unique, animated and also very responsive. What you see on your PC will appear almost identical to what you see on a mobile device. Responsive design was the primary goal.

Note: Can you find the easter egg on the contact page?

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