Unreal NPC Ai Development 04:20 AM

Great new WordPress theme with a hacker vibe too.

Here’s the template/theme this WP_theme is based on basically. I’m loving the result of the styled theme myself. If you want to see how I’ve applied this theme first to a web application, you can witness my Unreal Engine NPC Ai chat plugin documentation. Found here: https://wayne.cool/LollmsDocumentation.html . Then, you can download and style my new WordPress Theme using the same styled templated theme. The only part I’d personally continue to edit is the background, (however, currently solid, I’d make it a gradient image and perhaps include an Icon in the very back, like the above image). This theme also has a ui window drag and drop feature, that doesn’t seem to happen in mobile, but it shows on desktop super well. You can drag and drop the window title perfectly like a Windows window (using your desktop mouse).