Unreal Engine 5 Development Progress

Game Update – 1/15/2023

Lightning mode (or Binary Mode) with Captain Marvel – Can be toggled with the G key. It increases her dash speed significantly too. Making her a real super powered threat in this city.
Captain Marvel Demo released with lightning mode!
Download here!

Super fast lightning dash under the tunnel. Very hard to screenshot her in this mode because she’s damn fast.
Increases her accelerated flight speed from 8000 to 50000 is quite fast.

Game Release – 1/11/2023

I’ve managed to finish my Superman Unreal (Captain Marvel figure replacement emulation). I’m a solo game developer who’s looking to join a great Unreal development team too. This is my portfolio for game development. I’ve downloaded the city sample environment within Unreal, and included a newly rigged character that I’ve morphed to resemble Brie Larson Brie Larson morph image. Then I’ve exported the figure in her captain Marvel suit from Daz3D Studio then rigged her in Unreal Engine 5.1. I then proceeded to retarget her animations and then imported and configured my famous two blueprints to give her the flying abilities she has within the game and her wall-running ability as well (also seen in the video demonstration wallrun integrates with the flight ability super well). I’m super happy with how this engine turned out too… I’m ecstatic to bring you the Unreal City Sample engine with instead of Superman, we now have Captain Marvel! Enjoy it and explore this vast city as an entirely new hero. Careful, she flies like lightening! Haha! Check out the video demo below and download the game from the link below too. And enjoy! It’s the fruit of my three days of crazy labor to produce this beautiful fully rigged engine. I’ve been playing with Unreal for about two years now from Unreal 4.27 – now to Unreal 5.1. I’ve loved every blueprint algorithm I’ve written and every moment of the process!

Thank you! ❤️

Captain Marvel Demo released (Emulation of Superman Unreal game with a new hero)
Download here!

#Game Controls:
Flight Controls:
F – for Hover-mode
Space – to hover upwards in hover-mode
Left ctrl – to hover-downwards
Left Shift – to enter accelerated flight mode
A – in Hover mode to do a left barrel roll maneuver
D – in Hover mode to a right barrel roll maneuver
Basic Controls:
WASD – to move around
Space – Jump
How to wall-run – Run toward a wall at a 45 degree angle then jump up at the wall to wall-run from the ground.
From flight to wall-run – Fly toward a wall and end the flight with shift to latch onto the side of the wall.
Accelerated wall-run – you can even do an accelerated wall-run by pressing shift mid-wall run. You’ll run super fast in that state horizontally across any building.

Progress report – 1/10/2023

I’ve managed to finish my Superman Unreal (Captain Marvel figure replacement emulation). Here’s some demo gifs from the game engine too.

Wall-run example in the new game engine.

Flight example within new game engine:

Automatic Superhero landing implemented:

This blog’s purpose to highlight the involvement with progress for my game engine I’m currently developing myself with Unreal engine utilizing blueprints, plugin, and algorithms available online. This development is going quite strong. Here’s highlights in my development.

Wall-Running Blueprint utilized:

If this gif isn’t appearing, my apologies. You can right click then open this image in a new window to see the content. I hate Wordress’s inability to render a simple gif… (Otherwise, wait a couple of minutes. It may simply just take a moment to load) It generally eventually loads in most cases…

Flight Blueprint integration:

Using this custom developed character from MetaHuman within the game engine. Her in-game character name is Vivian like the model’s selectable name within MetaHuman. However, all of the other characters and NPCs in the game have been animated and converted from either Reallusion Character Creator 4, iClone or Daz3D Studio (My character resource library).

This is all I’ve updated for my game engine so far to post about. Check back later to witness the various power-ups I’ve included in my game. And if you’d like to learn more about the concept and plot dynamic for my game. Send me an email at waynekenneyjr@gmail.com. You can also contact me if you have any development questions and you need more information about the blueprints I’m using and have demonstrated here… Unreal 5 isn’t too bad to pick up either. There’s answers to all of if not most of your questions related to physics and I’ve even found answers on the input system using conditions. It’s a fantastic system for information for development. Good luck friends! If you’re working on your own game and need the most opulent epic blueprint designs, then check here:
Check it out here!

A lot of the other bundles are simply animations, but you can easily code your blueprints around them, for example the climbing animations. There’s actually a YouTube video explaining how to properly implement a game using those animations. I plan to purchase those climbing animations too to integrate a climbing a system within my game and build and interchangeable motion system using Boolean logic to switch between skill-sets. As seen in my flying video, I was able to combine my wall-running system with my flying system and have the character retain both skills. But, for climbing and other varieties. I realize a toggle would be need to be implemented to harness all the skill sets simultaneously. That’s the next challenge. Perhaps I’ll build a wallrunning, flying, climbing Superman engine using Unreal’s city sample too… Haha, I’ve used the City Sample myself, but I wouldn’t build a game with it due to the hardware intensity of the engine’s demand in that environment. I’d much rather build for the common folks with either an RTX 3080 like myself or perhaps lower GPU’s too like an RTX 2070 or something….

That’s it for now! Check back later if you’re still interested in this project!